The deadline for the completion of the feasibility study is September 2015, the development and construction period being 2016-2018. The project will be implemented through the Program TEN-T, developed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), according to CJ Ilfov.


The multimodal hub should include two cargo terminals, at the airport and CFR, a CFR passengers’ station at Henri Coandă (Otopeni) Airport, road connection between those platforms and A3 Highway Bucharest-Ploiesti, Bucharest ring road and county roads, as well as the modernization of the existent railway near the airport.

According to the project, the cargo platform in Otopeni will have a storage capacity of 400 t per day. A system of platforms will be developed for several airplanes as well as the development of an electric railway of 750 m for cargo transportation connecting the airport to the national railway network,

Moreover the project also includes the development of 5 km railway between the airport and the railway station Căciulaţi and 1 km between Căciulaţi (Moara Vlăsiei) and the cargo terminal.



On the other hand, the railway cargo terminal and the logistic park will be developed in the area Baloteşti-Moara Vlăsiei, with a capacity of 800,000t cargo annually. (Source: