Moreover, Bucharest is way behind the capitals in the region considering the office stock per inhabitant, taking into consideration that it only has 1.1 sq m per capita, compared to 1.9 sq m in Budapest or 2.5 sq m in Warsaw, according to ZF calculations.


For 2015, DTZ estimates that in the four large capitals in the region – Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest and Budapest – approx. 700,000 sq. m of new office spaces will be delivered, with almost half of the area only in Poland’s capital.


On the other hand, in Bucharest will be delivered approx. 154,000 sq. m, after 116,000 sq. m were completed last year, according to DTZ data.


Despite the fact that Bucharest has the smallest office stock from the four capitals analyzed, in 2014 it has, same as Warsaw, the smallest vacancy rate – 13.3 pct, compared to 15.3 pct in Prague and 16 pct in Budapest. (source: