The most recent study of the company showed the level of rents in the business district of bucharest (Victoriei Sq.) positioned to an average of EUR 19/sq. m/month, and the total occupancy cost, including the service costs, reached EUR 339/sq. m/year, EUR 28.25/sq.m/month respectively, according to Mediafax.

The offices in Bucharest are more expensive than in Prague (EUR 318/sq. m/year), Lisbon (EUR 298/sq.m/year) or Bratislava (EUR 257/sq. m/year).

In other capitals of Central Europe, namely Budapest (EUR 343/sq. m/year) and Warsaw (EUR 395/sq.m/year) the occupancy costs of the office spaces are higher than in Bucharest, placing these markets on superior places, 43 and 37 respectively.

The West End zone in London is the most expensive market on the office segment, maintaining the first position with an annual cost of EUR 2,122/sq.m.


Hong Kong (EUR 1,432/sq. m/year) kept the second position in the top, while Moscow has reached the third position, from the sixth, with EUR 1,092/sq. m/year.  (source: