Users in Romania’s capital city can enjoy speeds higher than inhabitants in Paris, London or Berlin, according to a study from broadband services supplier Hyperoptic, quoted by ISPreview and Mediafax.


Bucharest offers an average broadband speed of 81.18 Mbps, according to the Hyperoptic rankings, which includes in total 33 European capitals. The number includes both company traffic and household usage.


Paris, with an average speed of 78.15 Mbps, comes in second, followed by Vilnius (Lithuania) with 60.14 Mbps, Stockholm (Sweden) with 58.37 Mbps and Berne (Switzerland) with 51.19 Mbps.


With an average speed of 26.29 Mbps, London is barely on the 26th position, just behind Berlin with 26.51 Mbps. The worst European capital to live in if Internet speed is your main concern is Athens, where the average broadband connection is 9.45 Mbps. (source: