In our wish to better convey who we are and how we do things, we realized that we are very much preoccupied with having a modern approach towards our industry, with offering the latest solutions and with doing things differently.

So we are always one step ahead.

We think and act according to the way construction consultancy is done and applied on today and tomorrow’s buildings. We are not stuck in the past.

All that aside, we are the same team, passionate about what we do and committed to the best results.

These values are now reflected in our logo and website. We invite you to check all the updates here.


About the company

In an industry where the present is still fighting with the past, we chose a completely different side. We chose the future.

We are Brisk Group, a company specializing in consulting services in the construction industry with offices in London, Bucharest and Chișinău. We work and develop thinking about the FUTURE of consultancy in the construction industry.

Change happens non-stop. We are always one step ahead of it, constantly innovating on all levels.

We are one of the best options you have when you want project and cost management. We know what "budget", "timely" and "promised quality" mean, not just because we learned from the best, but also because we developed with complex projects and big challenges.

We have experience, procedures and a team that can deliver to international standards projects of any size in retail, industrial, logistic, residential, office, hotel, transport and infrastructure, distribution, energy, pharmaceutical industry or government sector.