"Ghelamco looks at every project from the perspective of future users, which provides comfort and the ability to maintain on a daily basis, a work-life balance. That's why all of our investments are carried out according to the principles of sustainable construction, and certificates awarded to our buildings confirm the broader, holistic approach to project preparation. BREEAM Excellent for T-Mobile Office Park proves the highest quality of our investment, which not only provides the highest standard and comfort, but it is also environmentally friendly and is part of the sustainable development in our city,” commented Jeroen van der Toolen, Managing Director at Ghelamco.

T-Mobile Office Park, in addition to 40,000 sqm of first-class office space, has a spacious patio with greenery and landscaping elements, a prestigious location as well as excellent transport links to the city centre and the airport.

The building is characterized by low energy consumption, which is confirmed by the European Commission’s European GreenBuilding certificate. Modern and detail metered building systems allow the optimum performance via the BMS, so operational savings are translated into lower fees paid by the tenants. The building also ensured to reduce water consumption by using cost-effective sanitary and watering of green with the use of rain water stored in reservoirs.

“We are very pleased that our efforts and commitment to sustainable construction achieved such a high certification. BREEAM Excellent for T-Mobile Office Park is a great honour for us and also the motivation to further improve our projects. Right now we are running the complex certification process for Warsaw Spire, which will further implement innovative solutions contributing to sustainable construction of new buildings,” concluded Jeroen van der Toolen. (source: europaproperty.com)