Bog’Art situates between the first 8 companies nominated for these prizes, constructors such as Hochtief, Strabag or Porr. The office building Unicredit Tower, constructed and developed by Bog’Art, was also nominated for the “Office Development of the Year”. Bog'Art SRL registered in 2011 a turnover of 325.3 million lei (76.8 million euros), according to the Ministry of Finance, while for 2012 the company estimated a few months ago approx. EUR 80 million turnover. the company won last year ones of the most important private construction contracts in Bucharest,such as the business park Floreasca Park, developed by Portland Trust, Green Gate building, developed by the Czech S Group as well as two of the residential buildings from the residential complexes Edenia and Optima developed by Adama. (source: