The building has 16 floors and 156 apartments, 136 storage rooms and 48 underground parking places and almost 5,500 sq m plot of land.

 A new open public auction of the residential complex Blue Tower will take place on 27th of September, 14h00, at the quarters of RVA Insolvency Specialists.

 The starting price of the auction remained unchanged from May this year: EUR 12.5 million excluding of VAT.

The project investment reached EUR 30 million, with EUR 14 million loan from Alpha Bank. The debts of Copper Beech reached EUR 27 million.

In the beginning of this year the liquidators put on sale the asset for a starting price of EUR 13.83 million, 50% lower than the value of the company’s debts.


Copper Beech group, with British capital, announced since 2008 the construction of several residential complexes in Romania, with a total of 17,000 apartments and a total investment of EUR 2.5 billion. Blue Tower, unfinished, is the only project of the group by far in Romania. (source: