The office facility, which offers close to 26 000 m2 of rental space, remains as popular as ever. Thanks to the improvements it has not only retained its existing clients, but a further 11 400 m2 has been let to existing and new tenants. The owner of the property is carrying out investments totalling almost HUF 1 billion in 2012 and 2013 with the coordination of the leasing and property manager, AIG Lincoln, for the maintenance, reconstruction and modernisation of the building. The developments at Alkotás Point in 2012 included an overhaul of the energy control system, as well as an upgrade of the entire air handling structure and lightning protection system. At the beginning of the year, all the taps in the complex were replaced with modern, energy-saving fittings, which has facilitated a dramatic reduction not only in the quantity of water used, but in the energy needed to heat it. Furthermore, this modern office building located on the Buda side of the city has been rejuvenated with a lobby that blends seamlessly with the airy space, the refurbishment of the lifts, installation of an up-to-date entry and car park management system, and the addition of a green roof terrace. Heitman’s European office headquartered in London and supported from its portfolio management office in Warsaw leads the way in terms of its commitment to sustainability. In addition to the above developments, with a view to improving energy efficiency, besides reducing the facility's gas consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions, plans for 2013 also include measures to boost the efficiency of the central cooling system (by installing adiabatic cooling technology). Alkotas Point also participated in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey in 2012 and showed substantial improvement with the rest of the HEPP IV portfolio over the results in 2011. With its modern architectural character, the three wings of the Alkotás Point building are a distinctive landmark situated at the “western gateway” of Budapest. As for 2013 DTZ has been appointed exclusively as the facility’s leasing agency. Until now the office building has mainly housed office tenants who require a larger floor area, such as Signal, NuSKIN Eastern Europe or Bayer Hungária. In 2003 the building’s occupants came to include Euronet Worldwide, an industry-leading group engaged in the secure processing of electronic payment transactions, and 2012 has seen the arrival of new tenants such as the dynamically expanding Medicover Private Clinic Health Centre. “We are unique in Hungary in offering outpatient specialist care in premises that cover such a large area”, said Péter Grossmann, CEO of Medicover Zrt., which rents a 1 500 m2 unit in the building. In response to needs that have arisen due to the economic recession, smaller “incubator” offices that are available for shorter rental periods have also been established. At present an additional 484 m2 of the building is given over to providing rental opportunities specially configured to suit the needs of smaller clients. It was with this dual approach that Alkotás Point, which received the Budapest Award for Excellence in Architecture in the year of its completion, responded to the challenges of the economic environment of 2012 and concluded a successful year, thanks to the continuous investments that bear witness to its adaptability and capacity for renewal.