The total area of these properties exceeds 360 ha, the double of the plot of Baneasa Airport.

According to Capital’s Top 10, the biggest owner of former factories in Romania is Auchan group, with 110.2 ha, whose portfolio includes Tractorul Brasov, Electroputere Craiova (50%), Tricodava (50%) and Grantmetal. The total price paid for these properties is EUR 60 million.

With similar areas, between 41.2 ha and 48.1 ha, another three landlords follow in the top: Immofinanz (whose portfolio includes Ventilatorul, Rocar, Electronica, IUS Brasov, Eurolat Baia Mare, Maratex Baia Mare, Amylon Sibiu), the businessman Ion Rădulea (with Semănătoarea, Pumac, Romcolor 2000) and AFI Europe (UMEB, Laromet, Inox, Flacăra Ploiești, IMAR Arad).

The price paid for these properties was evaluated by Capital according to the market information at EUR 233.4 mil. (Immofinanz portfolio), $ 3.7 mil. (Semănătoarea), EUR 192.5 mil. (AFI Europe portfolio).

Other real estate developers that owe former industrial platforms, incuded by Capital in Top 10 are Nusco Group (Pipera Platform, 30 ha), Dedeman (with 7 properties on 21 ha), BelRom (20.2 ha including Helitube, 50% from Electroputere Craiova and Integrata Botoșani), Plaza Centers (18.7 ha, 5 properties in cities such as Iași, Timișoara, Târgu Mureș, Miercurea Ciuc), Benevo (with Vulcan and Textile Dacia, on 13.4 ha) and Gran Via (with more than 10 ha, including 50% of Tricodava, as well as Electrotehnica and Frigocom).  (source: