After several failed auctions. The price dropped to half of the initial value. The factory and the 10 ha land were bought for EUR 17.3 million, has declared for Arin Stanescu, partner RVA Insolvency, Aversa licquidator.

The auction for the industrial platform sale was initiated in May this year. The starting price was EUR 34.6 million. The final price, approx. EUR 170/sqm, could be explained by the series of failed auctions for the sale of the asset.

"We are trying for 4-5 months to sell this asset, with the condition that the future buyer to continue the factory’s activity for at least three years and to keep the number of employees", Stanescu said.


"Benevo intentions to invest in the relocation of Aversa activity in a tech factory and to hire at least 200 employees in order to raise the business with pumps production", has declared Michael Topolinski, Benevo’s president. (source: