The project is financed by European funds through the Regional Operational Program Axis 4.

”Timisoara has the strategy to develop as a technology and innovation city and this is the reason we equipped Optica Business Park with special amenities for these activities. I estimate that the city’s top industry will focus in this area in the future”, declared Emil Cristescu, Vice-president Bega Grup.

„The former industrial platform reconversion into an office complex was decided by the Optica Business Park project developer considering the massive need for office spaces on the Western Romanian market, especially on the A class segment (...) the rents for these spaces are offered for a value under 50% compared to the main offers on this segment in Timisoara. The city still has a grat absorption power for this type of projects”, also said Emil Cristescu.

Optica Business Park sis situated in an industrial area, populated by companies such as Continental, Elbromplast, Lisa Draxlmaier, AEM, Procter&Gamble, SaguaroTechnology etc.

Bega Grup includes 16 trade companies privately owned, in different fields such as mining industry, automotive, real estate and tourism.  (source: