The project, developed with an investment of EUR 37 million, will give back to the city one of the most remarkable constructions in Neo-Romanian style, the Oromolu villa, and will bring in the centre of Bucharest an office building with a special “fluidity”.
After nearly a century, two styles which are maybe defining Bucharest the better meet in order to create a new landmark in the city’s urban structure, writes Business Construct magazine. 

„There are too few trees outside. That’s why this planter is here. It will be full of trees“, says Dorin Ştefan, one of the most well-known architects in Romania, the designer of the project involving the renovation of the Oromolu villa and of the office building near its side.
The planter and the trees are though just the details of an investment which started in 2011, the moment when NEPI got the villa and the 4,500 sqm plot from Avrig 35, another real estate developer which failed to respect its financial obligations. (source: