Currently, the headquarters is situated in a villa near 1 Mai Square and most of the employees not working in the stores have the offices in a building situated in the vicinity of Auchan Pallady store.


The group bought a plot of 2.6 ha from the former industrial platform Tricodava where they built a commercial centre inaugurated in the end of last year, but also an office building for the new headquarters, the total value of the investment reaching EUR 60 million.


„The new headquarters of Auchan Romania will be ready to accommodate the teams in the end of April, and by the end of May all the 400 employees from the central services will relocate to the new offices. The new headquarters is situated in the building from Dru­mul Taberei, built together with the hypermarket and the commercial centre in ownership by Auchan“, has declared Frederic Bellon, general manager of Auchan Romania.


Overall, after the acquisition of a package of 20 stores of the German network Real, Auchan currently has in Romania approx. 11,000 employees, but the integration process was not yet completed.


The French target to end the transfer of the business on single entity by the end of the year.  (source: