The money for the investment will come from own sources and loans, ANA Hotels having a partnership with BRD bank ever since it took over the hotel in 2005.


 “For a year and a half we have already been working on two model rooms, based on the plans of an architect from London. We will complete renovate all rooms, from the carpets to the furniture, baths.” The reception area and the ground floor area of the luxury hotel were renovated in recent years.


The building, located close to the Romanian Athenaeum, was built in 1914, based on the plans of French architect Teophile Bradeau. The hotel became part of the Hilton Worldwide network starting in 1997. Businessman George Copos bought the Athenee Palace Hotel in 2005, after he previously bought the former Flora Hotel (currently Crowne Plaza) in 1996 and the Europa Hotel at the seaside in 2001. (source: