Interview with Vincent Vallois, International Development Director of ATALIAN Global Services

Can you explain the ATALIAN Energy Solutions – Ergelis Inside project?

Atalian Energy Solutions is the result of acollaboration between ATALIAN Global Services and Ergelis Inside, which is also a French company. In addition to our technical maintenance and facility management services we are now able to provide energy efficient solutions for our international clients. Its goal is to facilitate energy savings by optimized management of energy-consuming equipment.



What is the reason for doing such a project?

Nowadays we are experiencing a real challenge to reduce operational costs. To keep up with being sustainable it is recommended to have an energy saving process, since generally 15 to 20% of the costs are energy costs. Energy efficiency is considered to be the best way to reduce the costs of commercial properties. This is why we chose to vary our multiservice offers more to make sure that it will always suit our client’s needs and expectations. To pursue this goal we collaborated with the innovative company Ergelis Inside. Their self-developed leading specialised tool matches the ATALIAN expertise in technical maintenance and facility management. This system is a combination of technology and field expertise, offering up to 20% of savings for our customer’s energy costs.



How does the system work?

By connecting the service to an Energy Engineering Center it allows us to remotely modify settings and prevent over-consumption in real time. When it is connected to the Ergelis Box – the system developed by Ergelis – the Energy Engineering Center collects the energy prices, occupancy rates and weather forecast to define the optimal settings of equipment in order to save energy. These new settings are automatically sent back to the on-site equipment, which ensures a continuous optimization of the driving of equipment. The close cooperation and communication between the local maintenance staff and the central energy engineers ensures the right adjustment of equipment at all time. This leads to cost savings and environmental protection by mastering the energy performance of the building.



What isthe energy performanceof a building?

The energy performance of a building is the amount of energy consumed per year, which is affected by the quality of its structure, its energy-consuming equipment and its operating system. You can measure it based on the annual energy bill for example. For us, the best way for a building to achieve financial performance and tremendous savings on operating costs is to implement energy driven maintenance.



What are the advantages of an energy driven maintenance for buildings?

Energy driven maintenance has many advantages but the main ones are economical, economic and ecological advantages. By reducing energy use we not only reduce the energy bills but also the CO2 emissions which is environment-friendly. So, by implementing energy driven maintenance our customers achieve savings on all aspects and all this is at no risk as the savings are guaranteed.



How can you guarantee savings? 

Savings are only guaranteed after the complete technical and energy data are provided and analyzed by our energy engineers. It requires a full study of the place and its energy consumptions. As a result there is no risk for our customers as the savings are contractually guaranteed. (source: