In April 4 apartments of 4 rooms were purchased (with 141 sq m each), 10 apartments of 3 rooms (with 104 sq m), 5 apartments of 2 rooms (70 sq m) and 2 studios (42 sq m). 11 apartments were bought with cash, three through bank credits and 7 with instalments to the developer.

By the moment of the procedure opening, the average price of the apartments was EUR 1,600/sq m, and after the procedure was installed the prices reduced to an average of EUR 1,000/sq m.

The real estate complex includes seven towers with 765 apartments, from which 60 apartments with 4 rooms, 296 with 3 rooms, 332 apartments with 2 rooms, 70 studios, 7 penthouses, 5,900 sqm commercial spaces and 9,000 sqm gardens, playgrounds and green areas. By far, 444 apartments are sold, and 314 are still for sale.

Asmita Gardens represents the biggest residential complex in Romania; both as a project value (EUR 120 million) as the number of apartments.

The complex is including one of the highest residential towers in Bucharest, between 16 and 24 floors.

On 7th of November 2011, the complex went insolvent at the request of the major loaner, Alpha Bank, which has an exposure of EUR 70 million. (source: