Ared had already announced its investments plans in cities such as Timisoara and Cluj.

„In Timisoara we start a residential project this year. Regarding Cluj, we will probably decide next year”, Mos said. „We bought some lands, other are in process of acquisition as we are in negotiations or verifications of the legal situation. We are constantly looking for lands in central areas in Timisoara and Oradea, especially as prices continue to fall as there are very few developments. The prices vary a lot depending on factors such as location, height regime, potential. We do not have an exact budget”, he added.

Moreover, Ared has in plan for this year to continue the investments in the residential projects situated in Arad and Oradea.


„In Arad we talk about the residential complex RED 3, with more than 500 apartments and EUR 18 million investment value. In Oradea we work towards the completion of the residential complex RED 4, with 269 apartments, the investment value reaching approx. EUR 12 million”, Mos said. (source: