Romania’s exports to the U.S. totalled USD 597 M and the imports from America USD 403 M.

On the same date, the number of companies with American capital in Romania stood at 7,007. American investments mainly went into wholesale and retail trade (27 per cent), real-estate transactions (16.8 per cent), extractive and processing industry (12.7 per cent), professional, administrative, scientific and technical activities (12.4 per cent), transport, storage and communications (10.5 per cent), constructions (8.2 per cent), hotels and restaurants (5.5 per cent), agriculture, forestry and fisheries (2.7 per cent), financial services and insurances (1.7 per cent), public administration, education and health (1.2 per cent), public utilities (0.9 per cent).


The intensification of Romanian-American economic cooperation in various domains, the drawing in of American investors and the growth of bilateral trade were the main topics tackled by Economy Minister Mihai Tudose in his meeting with U.S. Ambassador Hans Klemm.


The two officials agreed that the relations of collaboration between the Economy Ministry and the U.S. Embassy have been on an upward trend in the last three years, with premises for this trend to be maintained over the long term given the current economic conditions in the two countries.


On this occasion, Ambassador Hans Klemm appreciated Romania’s high tourism potential and pointed out that a strategic promotion of Romania’s tourism offer in the U.S. can be improved, so that it would result in attracting more American tourists willing to familiarize themselves with new tourism destinations.


The main products and services of interest on the U.S. market are components, subparts and subsystems, maintenance services for the aeronautic industry, subparts and subsystems for the auto industry, chemical fertilizers, tires, measurement and control equipment, communication equipment parts, organic food, wines, cheese, bearings, furniture, decorative glass, weapons and ammunition, optical equipment, software apps for mobile phones. (Source: