ActiveScore is the world’s leading system for assessing and certifying buildings travel friendliness by using clear and scientific methodologies established by experts from the cycling and travel industry and urban planners with the aim to make buildings betters for cyclists and as a result, better for a greener world.

The rating parameters include the number and looks and feels of bikes racks, security measures, changing rooms, number of lockers and showers dedicated for bikers and services on offer for bikers such as bike repair station, arrangement with bikes repair shops and laundry services.

“We want to encourage the use of alternative forms of transport, which has many benefits for the occupants of the building, for their health and wellbeing, as well as for the environment. Obtaining the Gold ActiveScore Certification is a great achievement for us, after achieving BREEAM in use Outstanding certification at the beginning of the year. We will continue this path setting the market standards in Romania for promoting healthier lifestyle for office tenants, reducing emissions, and creating greener real estate projects”, commented David Hay, founder, and CEO of ADD Value Management SRL.

The advantages of having a building cycling club

America House has established a community Cycling Club open to the employees working in the building who share a passion for cycling and enjoy riding together, to find either a commuting partner or an exercise one when using the bike/scooter. There are many advantages of joining a cycling club, such as health, social and environmental benefits. Cycling is a great way to improve people’s physical fitness and well-being. It can help the office’ workers to lose weight, strengthen their muscles, boost their immune system, lower their blood pressure, and reduce their risk of chronic diseases. Cycling can also improve mental health by relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.

Cycling is an eco-friendly mode of transportation to the office, that reduces air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and noise. By joining a cyclist’s club, the employers of the tenants can contribute to the protection of the environment and promote a sustainable lifestyle.




America House is the landmark Class A office building, located in the heart of Bucharest CBD, on Victoriei Square. It has 28,806.00 sqm of class A office and prime retail spaces spreads over 8 above ground floors and 360 parking places located in the 3 underground parking levels and the exterior one.

Recently, America House completed a 10-million-euro refurbishment and modernization process.

America House tenants are important international and local companies, ranging from prestigious multinational corporations, which here have established their headquarters in Romania, such as MasterCard, Cisco, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, McDonalds, OLX, Funcom, Egis to significant local players like the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

America House is also the house for The Embassy of Japan and the company Fortim Trust Advisors, member of the BNP Paribas Real Estate Alliance, which provides Property Management services.

America House provides space for creativity and innovation and enhances the overall well-being and enjoyment of the employees working in it. The building has a 1,500 sqm newly refurbished World Class gym, racks for bicycles, showers and dressing rooms for bikers, e-cars charging stations (as detailed herein above)

The retailers housed in the building are Starbucks, Velocita, Fru Fru, McDonald's, Gram Bistro, Noodle Pack, Submarine Burger, ATMS and 2 bank branches, the chic bookstore Cărturești and Inmedio.