At the same time, only a quarter of Romanian employees spend less than 30 minutes on this road, shows the latest eJobs study. 36.5% of respondents have to allocate between 30 minutes and one hour for the road between the house and the office.

In fact, for 25.6% of study participants, the proximity of the office to the home is one of the most important factors in choosing a future job, after salary, work schedule, job security and the opportunity to move forward in career.

"We are all in a permanent struggle with time, which is why the distance between the home and the place where we work has become an increasingly important criterion when candidates choose where to submit their CVs and even why they change jobs. It is true that this phenomenon is felt more acutely in major cities, where service and production centers have expanded to the outer-urban areas, which means that the distances from one point to another are obviously bigger", says Bogdan Badea, eJobs Romania CEO.

Against this background, more and more employers have begun to pay more attention to the exact location specification when posting an employment announcement.

According to the quoted study, for Romanian employees it is important not only the distance between the office and the house, but also the service centers and the facilities they have in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. Most often, offices are located in areas around supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, medical clinics or sports facilities. (source: