„In Barbu Văcăres­cu now the traffic is bad, but there are still projects to be inaugurated and the traffic will be much more difficult. The City Hall should support other areas too. The employee must not spend two hours in the traffic in order to go to work or at home from work. The offices should be closer to the residential area“, said Tal Roma, De­velop­ment Mana­ger AFI Europe Romania.


AFI plans the construction of AFI Tech Park Bucharest between Progresului Road and Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd. in Bucharest, near the future metro station Aca­demia Militară.


„Now everybody focuses on the employees, on the quality of life. We don’t want them to spend so much time in traffic, but to be close to their homes and not to get home at 9-10 pm due to traffic“, Tal Roma said. (source: zf.ro)