The declaration of performance or DOP is a personalized document, attached to each type of product, including detailed information about the construction material – producer, country of origin, technical information and characteristics, information of chemical compounds, product’s performances or lot. The DOP number is unique and can belong to only one type of product developed by each company.

The distributors and retailers will be obliged to handover to their final client a hard copy of the declaration of performance or to provide the DOP number and ID of the products in the delivery documents for download and print.

 “The new document will contribute to the quality growth of the products available on the market. The measure is welcomed, considering the last years the construction market was focused on price and less on quality. Apart from the transparency, DOP will certify that the product is original and will eliminate nonconforming and fake products”, has declared Marius Dragne, CEO of the construction materials producer Xella Ro.

This declaration of performance was introduced in EU in order for a series of criteria to be as transparent and easy to follow as possible: mechanical resistance and stability, fire safety, hygiene, health and environment, safety conditions of use, energy conservation and thermal insulation or sustainable use of natural resources.

The documentation for the purchased products can be obtained from the website, based on DOP number. (source: