Tatika Investments owns 90% of Wellkept Imobiliare, the rest of the shares being the property of Andrei Bejenaru. The re-valuation was made by Tehnoconcept Expert and refers to 21 properties, 19 in Bucharest and one in Constanța and Poiana Brasov, according to the data published in Monitorul Oficial. In Bucharest, 12 apartments and commercial spaces were valuated, situated in Şoseaua Nordului, Bulevardul Agronomiei, Şoseaua Bucureşti-Ploieşti and Vasile Lascăr St. and 5 plots of land, from which one situated on Ştirbei-Vodă St., valuated at 12 million lei (EUR 2.8 million), one in Şoseaua Pipera, with a value of 245,000 lei (EUR 55,300) and Bulevardul Primăverii (1,134 sq m) – 6.88 million lei (EUR 1.55 million), respectively 1,370 euro/sq. m. Wellkept Imobiliare also owns a plot of land in Bulevardul Expoziţiei, of 382.3 sq. m, valuated at 474,000 lei (EUR 107,040) and 333 sq. m on Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu, where the company develops an office building, valuated at 1.5 million lei (333,000 euros, 1.000 euros/sq.m). The most expensive apartment in Bucharest is valuated at 474,000 euros and it is situated in Şoseua Nordului. In Poiana Braşov, the valuation targeted an apartment of 91,900 euros, and in constanta a property made of construction, including an apartment and a plot of land, of 248,000 euro. (source: zf.ro)