Last year’s transactions totalized 132,400 sqm, under the level of 2011 and 2010. The transactions in Bucharest reached 47,700 sqm, representing 35% from the total traded area, while the countryside attracted clients for 85,000 sqm (Cluj -35%, Ploieşti – 12.2%, Piteşti -10% and Timişoara - 9%). Moreover, in 2012 were concluded leases directly between owners and tenants representing 40,500 sqm. The main clients were the logistic operators, which have been the most active in the market, as well as the companies from the product industry. This year the main industrial space rent inquiries came from relocations and expansions, followed by renegotiations, considering that the contracts approached their end. The biggest transaction registered this year was intermediated by CBRE and consisted in the extension of a contract for Europolis Park owed by CA Immo, for 45,000 sq leased by Carrefour. Another transaction intermediated by the company in 1Q was the renting of 9,000 sqm in Europolis Park by the distributer Elit. Although for last year the demand was mainly redirected to the countryside, this year the Bucharest requests increased. (source: