The gradual return of employees to the office also means rethinking workspaces, which must ensure a safer and more comfortable environment. The well-being of employees is essential for their professional development and for them to contribute to the success of a company, and one of the ways in which this can be done is to create a modern, safe and attractive office space, as it is the new office building in Otopeni.

What does Skylight Business Center offer?
The new Skylight Business Center real estate is located in the northern part of Otopeni, at the exit to Otopeni Airport. From an urban point of view, the area is mixed, with office / commercial buildings, company headquarters, commercial spaces, with direct access from DN 1, and houses / villas, with residential use.

The area is completely systematized and offers access to paved streets and the possibility of connection to the local municipal networks (water network, electricity, gas, internet, fixed and mobile telephony). The access to the ensemble can be made on foot, directly from DN 1, or by car, through Zborului street, by means of a concrete “brace”, which makes the connection between the location of the property and Zborului street.

The property consists of land, buildings, respectively office building and annex and hall. The land has an area of 5493 square meters and benefits from a street front both at DN 1, on the west side of the property, and at Zborului Street, through which car and pedestrian access is ensured. The land benefits from landscaping (concrete alleys, for car and pedestrian traffic) and green space.
The office building consists of basement, ground floor and first floor, with a floor area of 1530.27, and the hall has a floor area of 501 square meters. On the ground there is a building with the function of a transformer station, which serves the functionality of the building.

 What's new at Skylight Business Center?
 The proximity of the airport to the new office building project is a major benefit, especially for multinational companies, whose employees often travel on business trips. It is a more efficient and much more advantageous solution, because no more time is wasted in traffic to and from the airport.

In addition, the fact that Skylight Business Center is located on DN1 provides easy access to the entrance to the city, there are plenty of public transport that connects the office space to all major points of the city.

The construction of office complexes has taken off in recent years, and it is time for developers to implement the latest innovative techniques and materials, so that employers can offer work environments of the most modern standards. In addition, investing in such a workspace contributes to the company's image and to attracting and retaining valuable employees.

Most modern workspaces are designed to provide employees with office areas and common seating areas to high standards, but it is also necessary to address their mental state. The fact that the office complex is located outside the city means access to a quieter atmosphere and cleaner air, which contributes to the well-being of employees.

 Safety at work, comfortable work spaces, proximity to the city or the airport, in the case of those who often leave the city for work, are among the main criteria that employees now consider and that employers must take into account. at your service.

In the new social context, Skylight Business Center is an office building that gives you the flexibility of location, but also a workspace where employees will feel safe.

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