The volume of the rented space transacted by those companies has increased with 43 pct, according to a study made by ESOP Consulting.

In 2015, the medium companies with 25 to 60 employees have rented office spaces between 300 sq. m and 700 sq. m, most of them targeting business centres in central or semi-central zones such as Grozăvești, Romană, Unirii, Maria Rosetti, 1 Mai and Floreasca.


„The medium sized companies we worked with since the beginning of this year are looking for quality offices situated mostly in business centres, near the metro. They have generally budgets between EUR 9 and EUR 11 per sq. m and they want to find owners that understand the space flexibility needs, as they expect a business expansion in the next 2-3 years and this is why they appreciate the expansion possibilities in the building”, said Alexandru Petrescu, Managing Partner of ESOP Consulting.


The medium companies which rented offices in the first four months of the year include companies which expanded their personnel and relocated to larger premises, as well as start-ups, founded this year.


The rents negotiated by the medium sized companies which transacted offices with areas between 300 and 700 sq. m are between EUR 9/ sqm/month and EUR 14/sq.m/month, depending on the position and quality of the building.


Most of the companies renting spaces in this period are in the IT&C and professional fields.


In the first months of 2015, the SMEs made 44 transactions with office spaces with areas up to 700 sq. m, which represents more than half of the total office transactions studied by ESOP. (Source: Esop)