At the same time, ANCOM data reveal that of the 12 million mobile broadband connections 10.7 million are 3G and 3G+ connections and 709,000 are 4G connections, all of them generating in 2014 a total traffic of over 46,000 terrabytes. The average monthly traffic of a mobile broadband connection stood at 0.26 gigabytes.


“Mobile broadband connections based on subscriptions surpassed the connections based on prepaid cards, of the 12 million connections 6.4 million being based on subscriptions and 5.6 million being based on prepaid cards. The growth in the total number of connections also led to the coverage of mobile broadband internet growing to 60.2 per cent, up by 12 percentage points year-on-year and by 25 percentage points compared to 2012,” ANCOM points out in a press release.


On the other hand, hardwired broadband connections grew by 5.8 per cent year-on-year, to 4 million, generating a total annual traffic of 3.6 million terrabytes. The average monthly traffic (download and upload) per user stood at 76.1 gigabytes last year.


At the same time, over 91 per cent of the total number of hardwired broadband connections are contracted by physical persons, while only 400,000 are contracted by juridical persons. (source: